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Oh hello you!

My name's Sofaya and I'm your biz cheerleader ❤

Let's get you the support you need, shall we?

What I do

Sofaya Hussein




A feminist who believes in slow, ethical business practices. Prefers personalised strategy based on individual needs over formulaic 'do this' advice. Won't tell you what to do. Offers direct but gentle guidance as needed. Not your assistant. Will collaborate on social media, systems, web and branding tasks with you. Doesn't believe in the word 'should'.


See also: too many ideas for one brain, full of opinions

I'm a problem-solver, systems-setter, social(s) butterfly & strategy kween 👑

…who is incredibly passionate about small business owners sharing their expertise with the world without getting bogged down by the shoulda-woulda-couldas and towering to-dos.


Wearing all the hats and making all the decisions is hard and kinda lonely babe, I know. But what if you had a small biz wing woman of sorts, to bounce ideas off of and take care of the bits that you keep putting off? After all, you started a business to focus on your passion and share it with the world, not to perfect client on-boarding systems or understand ever-changing social media formats.

Well my love, I’m here to be your right hand gal, the champion of your brand. I'm all about getting to the core of what you want for and from your biz, cutting through the noise ('expert' advice be damned) to bring you closer to your vision. Not to mention taking some of those pesky tasks off of your plate.


Yeah I'm a cheeky cheerleader and never-ending idea queen, but I'm also a dab-hand at all your social media, systems, web and branding tasks.


What do you say, fancy having a Sofaya online and in your back pocket?

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"Sofaya is a creative eye, someone who will keep you accountable and help you discover and set your goals, and really good fun to boot! I don't know what I would do without her."

Let's work together

There are lots of ways we can work together, cuz there are lots of ways I ADORE supporting small business owners (seriously, it's hard to shut me up about it if you get me going on the topic).

From gorgeous ongoing support where we collaboratively complete the tasks needed to run your business, to totally effective strategy sessions where we dive into your business qualms, it would be a privilege to support you and your business, babe.

strategy sessions


2 hours

Ongoing support
From £600
a month


Let me tell ya some more about 
little ol' me


I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, having been in the online biz world for many years. I have 8 years of experience as a creative small business owner myself, as well as over 10 years of experience as an administrator for schools, clinics, development organisations and academic institutes. 


Yeah, I can organise a mean inbox and bring together a complex international meeting all right, but I really come alive with creative tasks like editing together a trending Tik Tok and figuring out an automated system that fits your business.


My creative biz is called Headblush - which, between you and me, is going through a bit of a transformation at the mo - an alternative provider of makeup and fashion content and services in Brighton and online. I’m no stranger to a small niche, me!


As a mixed-race, fat, queer, anxious, feminist colour queen, I have a deep love and appreciation for small biz owners who are mission-led, wear their hearts on their sleeves and tear down the walls of traditional business.


Cheers to that! 🥂

Ready to get some support my love?

Get in touch below!

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